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Monster Purse | DOM | IN STOCK

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Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. Our TWEED monsters are no different. In our studio, there are always scraps. Some classic herringbones or houndstooths, some snazzy plaids and some lovely pinstripe satin fabric that used to line the sleeve of the jacket.

Since we couldn't bear to throw the scraps away, we had to figure out a way to use them and keep them out of the landfill. By themselves, they were too small to be made into anything seriously useful. But we thought, if we sewed them together as a long patchwork, we could make something fun from them. That's how we came up with the TWEED Monster purses! :)

They are a perfect for smaller cellphones (like an iPhone 5), or for your coins, tissues, business cards, transit cards or just to guard your special treasures.

Our Monster purses have gone home with kids looking to for a safe place for their pocket money, with adult women for carrying their monthly supplies and with grown men for their loose change. One thing is for sure, these rascals will sure to make you smile anytime you see them.

Since Monster purse is one of a kind and totally handmade in out studio, we've decided they each needed a name. Because, well, you know, they are individuals. Down to their eyes, which are chosen from the crazy-large stash of mismatched buttons we'd collected in the studio over the years.